We are a very small group of young software engineers and developers of the highest profile. Rather than specializing in small parts of the IT chain (such as system administration, web development or network security), each of us tries to learn as much as possible of everything-IT. We like to think of ourselves as modern renaissance men (and women!) working on the IT field. For those times of dire need, we enroll the help of specialists from our vast network of contacts.


Our customers are usually small organizations interested in the highest quality solutions for their IT needs, but we are open to work for big companies and individuals. Whether securing an office network, developing a social web site or integrating your current software with your customer needs, we can provide the answer. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satified with the result. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service within your deadlines and budget.


Our solutions are (almost always) built on top of Free Open Source Software. Standards compliance and interoperability are granted and we always advise our customers to put a focus on accessibility. When a choice arises, we always suggest the simplest solution and build our systems on top of it. We always document our work thoroughly in case anyone outside our team has to deal with it later on. We don't believe in reinventing the wheel and only provide custom software when it is indeed needed.